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Vexx hints

Rock Suit
To get the Rock Suit, go back to where you began
(the old guy's place). On top of a ledge in the
place, there will be a thing that will look like
a small tornado. To get there, jump on the
biggest fire. But, be careful to not touch the
fire. Try to face the sides of the place with the
Y button. Do a pulse jump while moving toward the
ledge. Scale the edge, moving toward the small
tornado. Once you get to it, it will transport
you into a tapestry. Jump along the big fire guy
adn jump for the crimson rune. Once you get
that, jump off the fire guy's arm and you will be
sent outside of the tapestry. Once you do this,
go out and go to where you began this level (near
the Warp Hub). There will be a round red thing
surrounded by shards. Go on top of the red spot
and you will put on the Rock Suit!

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