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Ultimate Soccer Manager cheat codes

Cheat Codes

If you'd like some more codes, press any of these while playing.

Code Effect
E penalty shoot out
F gives away a foul
G grants a goal to the last player who passed
1 ends the match instantly (1-0)
2 ends the match instantly (2-0)
3 ends the match instantly (3-0)
4 ends the match instantly (0-1)
5 ends the match instantly (0-2)
6 ends the match instantly (0-3)

Easy Money

For some quick cash, enter your name as "MAKE BELIEVE". To activate, press +
at any time to add $100,000 to your finances.

For even more cash, give your coach a $99,999,999,999,999,999 salary. Fire him
after a week and you'll be rich!

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