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Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks cheats / Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks hints / Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks faqs / Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks solutions

Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks hints

How to find the Jeep
First you kill everyone on the game and then look at bambo's house and it will
be there.

In West Virgina, you can run people over and you don't get hurt so dont pick the
best gun.

Walk up the hills in West Virginia
Get the Jeep and drive next to the hills, then get out with the door facing the
hill (it has to be right next to the hill). From there you can walk anywhere on
the hills. Note that you can sniper down on the humans from there.

Easy kills
When you get all of your farts, throw some food next to a bush then press [F5]
to hide in it. When someone starts to eat it, press [F5] then [F3] and he will
die. You can also go to a bush and lay some bait next to it. Use the "Attract
hunter" code to call a hunter. As soon as you see it, enable the "Max Payne-
style bullet time" code. You can now kill the hunter easily, but do not leave
the bush until it blows up.

Pennsylvania Boozer
Go to the trailer park in Pennsylvania and start hunting. Use calls, lures, and
farts to bring Boozer out. If their are other hunters that appear when you call,
take them out. Boozer appears when there are only a couple or no hunters around.
This may require a few attempts going back to Pennsylvania. If you have
patience, Boozer will eventually appear.

Virginia: Mountain access
Successfully complete the game, then return to Virginia. Get into the jeep near
the long foot bridge. Cross the small foot bridge and drive towards the
mountain, keeping the driver's side door on the mountain side. Crash into the
mountain so that when you get out of the jeep, you will be standing on the

Virginia: Zoomable Scope
Find the white house with the messed-up fence. Walk around the fence until you
see the scope on the ground.

Virginia: Best GPS
Cross the long rope bridge and go over to the river. Follow it through the two
mountains. When you exit the other side, turn right and it will be on the

West Virginia: Get more than one kill from one enemy
When you get the SUV, drive it around until you see someone appear, then run
them over. They will die and the spirit will go up. Let all that complete, then
exit the SUV and get ready for a fight. Shoot the redneck's corpse, then have at
it. They will come back to life and start firing. Kill them again and four a
double kill. Also, if you need to change to their choice of firearms, just shoot
them and you will get their gun.

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