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Doom 3 cheat codes

Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + ~ to display the console window.
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Result Cheat Code

God mode [Note] god
Full weapons and ammunition give all
All keys give keys
No clipping noclip
Machine gun give weapon_machinegun
Shotgun give weapon_shotgun
Plasmagun give weapon_plasmagun
BFG give weapon_bfg
Chainsaw give weapon_chainsaw
Rocket launcher give w
Ignored by most enemies notarget
Game benchmark benchmark
Skip to last level doomhell
Freeze everything on screen freeze
Save demo in .AVI format avidemo
Display graphics card details gfxinfo
Show framerate com_drawfps 1
Classic 1995 version give doom95
Display game status status
Play indicated map map [map name]
Spawn indicated
model spawn [model name]
Benchmark test timedemo demo1.demo
Set gamma level r_gamma [0-3]
Set brightness level r_brightness [number]
Toggle sound level display s_showlevelmeter 1
Set sound volume; default is 0 s_volume_db [number]
Toggle hit % to HUD g_showprojectilepct 1
Exit game quit
Unknown _use
Unknown _moveright
Unknown _moveleft
Unknown _movedown
Unknown _forward
Unknown _back
Unknown _right
Unknown _left
Unknown _lookdown
Unknown _lookup
Unknown _attack
Unknown _moveup
Unknown _speed
Unknown _strafe
Unknown _button7
Unknown _button6
Unknown _button5
Unknown _button4
Unknown _button3
Unknown _button2
Unknown _button1
Unknown _button0
Unknown aasstats
Unknown addarrow
Unknown addline
Unknown blinkline
Unknown bindlist
Unknown bind
Unknown centerview
Unknown compressdemo
Unknown connect
Unknown clearlights
Unknown condump
Unknown clear
Unknown cvar_restart
Unknown cvarlist
Unknown combinecubeimages
Unknown crash
Unknown collisionmodelinfo
Unknown dirtyfeet
Unknown dir
Unknown demoshot
Unknown disconnect
Unknown dmap
Unknown echo
Unknown envshot
Unknown exec
Unknown exportmodels
Unknown editsounds
Unknown editlight
Unknown editor
Unknown error
Unknown fillrate
Unknown flashlight
Unknown focussoundseditor
Unknown give
Unknown game_memory
Unknown in_restart
Unknown kill
Unknown killragdolls
Unknown killmoveables
Unknown killmonsters
Unknown keeptestmodel
Unknown listmodels
Unknown listskins
Unknown listmaterials
Unknown listimages
Unknown listmodes
Unknown listlightdefs
Unknown listentitydefs
Unknown listmonsters
Unknown listentities
Unknown listthreads
Unknown listsounds
Unknown listanims
Unknown listcollisionmodels
Unknown listlines
Unknown listvertexcache
Unknown modulatelights
Unknown noclip
Unknown notarget
Unknown nextanim
Unknown overlaygui
Unknown path
Unknown poplight
Unknown parsewait
Unknown printshader
Unknown printmode
Unknown playdemo
Unknown playcmddemo
Unknown playermodel
Unknown prevanim
Unknown reload
Unknown reloadsounds
Unknown reloadsoundshaders
Unknown reloadfx
Unknown reloadanims
Unknown reexportmodels
Unknown removeline
Unknown runreach
Unknown runaas
Unknown recordcmddemo
Unknown recorddemo
Unknown recordcmddemo
Unknown recorddemo
Unknown renderbumpflat
Unknown renderbump
Unknown roq
Unknown reloadguis
Unknown reset
Unknown regenerateworld
Unknown reloadimages
Unknown reloadshaders
Unknown reloadmodels
Unknown script
Unknown reloadentitydefs
Unknown s_musictrack
Unknown s_cacheinvalidate
Unknown s_cacheinfo
Unknown s_restart
Unknown seta
Unknown set
Unknown setviewpos
Unknown setstepgamma
Unknown setu
Unknown sets
Unknown sizedown
Unknown sizeup
Unknown screenshot
Unknown spawnserver
Unknown stoprecording
Unknown say
Unknown testtrace
Unknown testimage
Unknown testshader
Unknown testbump
Unknown testlight
Unknown touchfx
Unknown touchgui
Unknown touchfile
Unknown toggle
Unknown testsimd
Unknown touchmaterial
Unknown testfx
Unknown touchsound
Unknown listsoundshaders
Unknown touchparticle
Unknown testdamage
Unknown testblend
Unknown testanim
Unknown testparticle
Unknown testmodel
Unknown testwipe
Unknown testgui
Unknown testmap
Unknown touchmodel
Unknown unbind
Unknown unbindall
Unknown vid_restart
Unknown vstr
Unknown writeconfig
Unknown writeprecache
Unknown weapon
Unknown weapnext
Unknown where
Unknown weapprev
Unknown weaponsplat

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