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Doom 3 cheat codes

Console Commands
Press Ctrl+Alt+~(Tilde) to bring up the command console in a single player game:

Code Effect

give keys Acquire all the keys you'll ever need
give all All weapons with full ammo, health and
give weapon_bfg BFG
give weapon_chainsaw Chainsaw
kill Commit suicide
com_showfps 1 Draws your Framerate.
freeze Freeze all on screen
benchmark Game Benchmark
give weapon_rocketlauncher Rocketlauncher
god God Mode
gfxinfo Graphicscard infomation
notarget Invisibility to most enemies
killmoshters Kills all Monsters
give doom95 Load the '95 version of Doom
give weapon_machinegun Machinegun
give weapon_plasmagun Plasmagun
quit Quit game
aviDemo Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI
movie file
give weapon_shotgun Shotgun
doomhell Skip all levels to last
noclip Walk through solid objects
status Your game status

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