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Army Men 2 cheats / Army Men 2 hints / Army Men 2 faqs / Army Men 2 solutions

Army Men 2 cheat codes

Before entering codes type in !when all else fails... Then type in your codes.

Result: Cheatcodes

Armageddon: !armageddon
Sniper Rifle: !Beutiful nikita
Sarge on Fire: !phoenix
Health: !docter docter
View FMV sequences: !fond memories
Lose Mission: !i give up
Flight Mode: !Jumpjets
Grey Disguise: !metal sheeting
Enable Fog of War: !moleman
Enemys are zombies: !night of the walking dead
Stealth Mode: !ninja arts
All troops 5 stars: !patton's speach
Put out sarges fire: !cliche ending
Mine Sweeper: !pooper scooper
Invincibility: !santini
Tan Disguise: !shrink wrap
Blue Disguise: !smorfs
Full Map: !spidey senses tingiling
Commit Suicide: !suicide kings
Tans all around you: !surprise party
New background music: !techno
Win Mission: !veni vidi vinci
Recon Flights: !watchtower in the sky

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