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Army Men 2 cheat codes

All The Codes I Know
These are all the codes that I know. In order to activate them, while in a normal game mode, type backspace the "!when all else fails." DON'T INSERT THE QUOTES!!!!!!! Then in order to use these, press backspace, then the code. DON'T FORGET THE "!" INFRONT OF THE CODE WITH NO SPACE!

Acquire Vulcan Gun----------!a better tommorow
Acquire Flak Jaket----------!aluminum foil
Acquire/More Mines----------!acme discs
Acquire Sniper Rifle--------!god of gamblers
Acquire M-80----------------!fourth of july
Acquire/More Explosives-----!gnomish inventions
Acquire Air Attack----------!geronimo!
Acquire Bazooka-------------!no rocket launcher
Acquire/More Paratroopers---!paper dolls
Acquire/More Grenades-------!i have a rock
Acquire Aerosol spray-------!roach spray
Acquire Med Kit-------------!rubber cement
Acquire Magnifing Glass-----!ruby ray
Acquire Flame thrower-------!village people

************THERE ARE MORE LATER******************

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