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Army Men 2 hints

Hint: Know your battlefield and mission objectives! This is your biggest key to
success. If you have to, do a dry run of a scenario to scope things out first.

Hint: Whenever possible, arm the Sarge with a bazooka--it's the most effective
weapon, especially when the enemy bunches up together during an attack. A few
well-placed bazooka blasts can melt the whole lot of them.

Hint: When you're controlling grunts without the Sarge around, move them short
distances at a time--and never more than one game screen. This way, you'll
avoid losing grunts or having them head off in some strange direction.
Hint: When controlling vehicles, order one at a time. If you do a group move,
expect some strange, chaotic driving. Nobody will end up where you want them.

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